Vestas x Lukas Graham



In the summer of 2022, we helped Vestas and Grammy-nominated band Lukas Graham when they joined forces to present a groundbreaking, battery-powered concert tour, offering an unparalleled green energy experience to over 80,000 fans. Recognizing the vital role music plays in our daily lives and its widespread availability at festivals, gyms, and nightclubs, they aimed to address the environmental impact of concert productions.

To spearhead music's sustainable transformation, Vestas, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, developed an innovative mobile battery concept for Lukas Graham's “In The Round” tour in Denmark. This technology replaced the traditional CO2-heavy diesel generators, reducing carbon emissions by up to 98.5% and cutting 6 tonnes of CO2 from the concert production.

The collaboration between Vestas and Lukas Graham not only delivered a more eco-friendly concert experience but also demonstrated how Vestas' cutting-edge technology can drive meaningful change. This initiative showcased a practical, impactful approach to reducing the carbon footprint of live music events, paving the way for a more sustainable future in the entertainment industry.


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The Vision

Lukas Graham discusses the initiation and vision of an unlikely partnership with Vestas' CEO Henrik Andersen.

The Solution

Lars Chr. Christensen and Andreas Svendstrup-Bjerre from Vestas' innovation team talks about the technical solution and the future of battery energy storage.

The Future

Jimmi Riise, SVP of Global Live Events at Universal Music Group talks about the need to decarbonise the live event industry and why partnerships are crucial to progress.