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We have left our office jobs in order to explore the world and challenge the norms in a pursuit to live free and make great work. We don’t have an office, specified work hours or a specific location, which makes us able to work intensively on projects and at a lower cost without compromising the quality of our work. We work from anywhere, at any time and go where we are needed. This way we offer complete flexibility for our clients and get full flexibility in return.

Through effective processes we work intensively on projects. We like to work close with our clients and we put a lot of energy into creating a work platform that gives full visibility of progress and results. Always starting with a strategic point of view, the solution can be anything from a brand platform, an integrated marketing campaign, a digital solution, or something else. You can check out our previous work here.

We build brands,
develop concepts
and create communication

Strategic Account Executive

Alexandra Rønde Thielke

Growing up in a creative family Alex has always felt a calling in helping the messy creative minds. Guess this led her straight to the advertising world.

Her papers are in order with a Masters degree in Marketing Communiacation, a year working in London, a summer learning French in Paris, 6 months on Uni in Chicago.

She has run hundreds of projects, advised numerous clients and created a large amount of strategies for national and international brands in Denmark.

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Art Director

Rasmus Veggerby

Rasmus is one of those who chose not to spend years behind the school desk like the rest of us, but instead to get out there and learn how the world actually works, first hand. From age 19 he has been selling his creative mind and at 20 he was headhunted to an advertising talent school.

He has created solutions for numerous large and small companies and his creative mind combined with a strong flair for strategy and processes makes him a goddamn dream creative.

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